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Stay updated with the latest releases of the Dojo API.

This changelog highlights the latest and breaking changes in the Payment Intents APIAPI which is now part of the Dojo API. Each new release version aligns with a date. This approach allows for a clear and chronological representation of our API versions, making it easier to track changes and updates over time.


If you want to integrate with the Dojo APIAPI for the first time or you want to upgrade from the previous version, contact us on Discord or GitHub.


Breaking changes

  • Renamed itemLines.caption to
  • itemLines.amountTotal is a required field.
  • Replaced transactionSource with cardHolderNotPresent which is boolean.
  • Added a new property generateRemoteToken where you need to set it to true to accept online payments immediately. When set to false, the clientSessionSecret will not be created. This impacts only online payments. This does not impact virtual terminals, payment links, and mobile SDKs.

What's new?

What's next?

The next step in creating an end-to-end Payments API is to integrate Tables functionality into this single API.