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Dojo API

Know more about the Dojo API, a consolidated offering of online payments and face-to-face payments.


This page contains information on functionality that is only available with the Dojo API. If you're not integrated with the API and you want access to the features described in this document, or you're not sure which version of the API you are integrated with, contact us on Discord or GitHub.

The Dojo API is a REST API, that fully integrates legacy Pay at Counter operations with the existing Payments feature set. The technical nature of this work has prompted the first breaking change to Dojo Payments, as it merged remote and face-to-face payment capabilities.

What's new?

The Dojo API adds Terminals endpoints to the existing payment feature set. You can now execute payments on Dojo terminals with the new terminals endpoints.

Visit the change log for specific information about structural and functional changes to the API, and how it differs from existing Dojo APIs.

POST /terminal-sessionsCreate a session on a terminal
GET /terminalsRetrieve all terminals
GET /terminals/{terminalId}Retrieve a terminal
GET /terminal-sessions/{terminalSessionId}Retrieve a terminal session
PUT /terminal-sessions/{terminalSessionId}/signatureVerify signature request using terminals
PUT /terminal-sessions/{terminalSessionId}/cancelCancel a terminal session


Main page: API keys

The API uses HTTP basic authentication to grant access to customer-owned resources.


  • version: The API version with format yyyy-mm-dd. The current version is Pre-release.
  • software-house-id: This is field shows the EPOS company whose software is generating the request. This value should not be configurable as it will remain the same for all customers using particular EPOS software.
  • reseller-id: This identifies the reseller of the EPOS. This may be the same as the software-house-id if they are also the seller.